Our Club has embarked on a major community project for a Multi-generational Inclusive Recreation Area (MIRA – click here to view a Powerpoint presentation). This is a Master Plan with 9 elements aimed at creating:

  • An inviting community space, which is safe, attractive, and fun.
  • Encourages a healthy engagement with nature/outdoors, education and supports social interaction.
  • A free community place for individuals of all ages and families to come together, buildintergenerational social connections and nurtures a sense of belonging and community.
  • Inclusive and provides dignity to those with different abilities.
  • New toilet and BBQ facilities

The project is in its early planning stages, so watch this space for updates and how you can get involved.

Proposed site for transformation

Short Point Beach Play area and Carpark and public toilets in Tura Beach.

Samples of specialised equipment

Project Update March 2023

The MIRA Project team continue to seek grant funding for Stage 1 of the project. Stage 1 is the site surveys and delivery of a concept design and Aboriginal Heritage Impact Assessment sufficient to obtain full Council approval to proceed.

The first step of Stage 1, the in-ground and above ground surveys is being funded by PM Lions and is expected to commence in May 2023.

On completion of Stage 1 and full approval from the Bega Valley Shire Council to proceed, PM Lions will be submitting grant applications to progress the project build.