In 2022 the charitable arm of Lions International, the Lions Clubs International Foundation provided grant funding to undertake infrastructure projects that assist communities recover from the 2020 bushfires, create community connectedness and/or increase resilience in the event of another disaster event.

The Towamba Recovery projects include:

  • Approx. 1km fence around the showground to create a  safe retained area for residents and their animals
  • Replace broken lighting to tennis courts as an improved community facility and as a hardstand space in an emergency
  • 7.6kw solar system and 12.5kwh battery system on the hall, with a generator link, this will not only improve the environmental footprint but also provide independence from the supply grid during short and long term outages.

An extract from the Towamba News article October 2022 “We would like to thank the Lion’s Club for new lighting on the Tennis Courts. We also appreciate their continuing efforts in the on-going solar project currently being done on the Hall. Their contributions to our community, including the perimeter fencing around the sportsgrounds, have been substantial and really continue to push our Hall into a new phase for the future.”